North West Area Championships:  Blackpool. March 2014
Section 1: Test Piece. Cry of the Mountain, Howard Lorriman

Morecambe Band at the seafront at Blackpool 2014

Morecambe Band at the seafront at Blackpool 2014


National Finals:  Cheltenham. September 2013
Section 1: Test Piece. Fanfares and Love Songs, Gavin Higgins

Cheltenham 2013

Back Row: L to R:
Lydia Kernthaler; Tom Stead; Sam Woodman; John Squire-Evans; Paul Woodhead; Oliver Kernthaler; Stuart Bateson; Perry O’Brien; Sam Barbary; Karen Tattersall.
Middle Row:
Carol Baxendale; Jeff Cunningham; Deb Hoodless; Narissa Nicholas; Billy Porter; Simon Moore; Alan Bateson; Devon Rae; Laura Hounsome; Jessica Wood.
Front Row:
John Miller; Harry Cunningham; Dan Brown; Sara McKinley; Andrew Warriner(MD); Angie Hunter-Brown; Andrew Porter; Dave Brown; John Innes.