Morecambe’s lottery number comes up again

The Morecambe Band will help the nation celebrate 20 years of The National Lottery on the weekend with a second live television appearance in a week!

Morecambe and Andy Warriner

The Morecambe Band will be making two national television appearances this week as The National Lottery celebrates its 20th anniversary.

£8.6 million

Morecambe received one of the first National Lottery grants – £47,000 for new instruments in 1994 – the first of many brass bands that have benefited from grant payments since.

The National Lottery has stated that it has given £8.6 million to brass band projects over the past 20 years.

After being contacted by the organisers, the band performed on ITV’s ‘Good Morning Britain’ programme on Wednesday morning outside a newsagent in Romford, where over the past two decades there have been the most ‘big’ Lottery winners per head of population.

Saturday evening live

The band will now appear on Saturday evening’s special edition of ‘The National Lottery Live’ at 9.30pm on BBC One – joining host Gaby Roslin, shadow theatre group Attraction and other National Lottery funded projects.

Wonderful publicity

MD Andy Warriner, told 4BR: “Appearing on ‘Good Morning Britain’ was wonderful publicity, although it was a bit surreal to be playing Whigfield’s ‘Saturday Night’ on a cold Wednesday morning many miles from home!

We are now looking forward to being part of Saturday evening live show.”

Whigfield was chosen because it was top of the charts when the National Lottery started in 1994, and the band has also performed the track for The National Lottery’s website:


The National Lottery has stated that it has given £8.6 million to brass band projects over the past 20 years

Toes tapping

Jackie O’Sullivan, from the National Lottery, added: “The grant to the Morecambe Band has led to countless hours of fulfillment for band members and people who have enjoyed their music.

It is great that they will be getting the nation’s toes tapping again with their National Lottery Live performance.”

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